Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Message from Omaha

Last night we got a little surprise in our email!  We have established a connection to a couple who are serving in the same mission with Allison. Their daughter, Kami Spoelstra is in our ward, and we were able to meet them this past summer.  We are so appreciative for them taking the time to send us an email updating us on Allison, since we haven't heard from her since she arrived in Omaha!  Thanks Ellsworth's!! We love you!

Hello from Omaha....
I got permission to send you an email update from your sweet Sister Farnsworth after talking with her at the Trail Center tonight.   She mentioned that she didn't get to talk to you while in the Denver airport and knew you would want to know how things are going since arriving in the mission field.  So here's your late breaking news report:
Wed. night all the new elders & sisters met at Pres. Weston's for dinner, testimonies and first assignments.  We also got to be there as we missed out on the last new missionaries dinner they had.  So, we got in a good visit with your daughter that night and then again tonight at the Trail Center where she was assigned the same shift we were on.  We love her already and are amazed at how quickly she has adapted to missionary life!  Her trainer, Sister Coats, says she is a natural and hit the ground running!  They are already teaching new investigators and doing a remarkable job!  They are in the Lakeview ward and will serve there for at least 6 weeks (that's when next transfers might make changes.) Today at our Sat. morning training session with all the missionaries (sisters & couples at the Trail Center) Sister Farnsworth gave a sweet testimony and told a bit about herself.  She is such a sharp young've done a good job there!  You'll be receiving an email from her on Tues., I be patient!  This is such an amazing place, here at the Mormon Trail Center...the spirit of the pioneers is so evident, you can't help but feel they are still watching over this hallowed ground.  IT'S THE BEST MISSION IN THE CHURCH! Open-mouth smile
Thanks for sharing your daughter with us....she is a treasure!
Elder & Sister Ellsworth

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  1. She is in good hands :) sniff sniff! Cheer cheer!