How have I already been here for two weeks? I cannot figure out how to put pictures on- it shows me that my camera is attached to my computer, but does not give me an option of how to attach things. Hopefully we will figure it out soon. By now, as I am sure that you know, I have seen Syster Blomquist. In fact, I see her every day, at every meal, at the beginning and end of the day, and during gym. Not to mention when we are walking around. We got really lucky and have the same schedule, so we see each other all the time. My district all knows her by name and loves her. I think she struggled the first few days, but is doing so wonderfully and I am proud of her and how much she has learned even in a week! She is amazing.
Because I am a "week 3 missionary'' now, I have to teach the weeks 1 and 2 missionaries on Saturday about a principle that I have found makes a difference. It is so strange to me to be a veteran at the MTC because I feel like I just got here. I have something really crazy to tell you! Last week we got a new elder in our zone from New Zealand! He is super nice and we like talking to him all the time because everything is so much cooler in a New Zealand accent. One day I was evaluating him and his companion at an activity called zone teaching, and I asked where he was from, and told him that my aunt had some kids from New Zealand come and stay with them to play rugby and prep for the mission. He asked who it was, and, as it so happens, is BEST FRIENDS with Haimona, Rhys, Tahana, and Lehi. He went to church college with all of them and updated me on how they are doing. So crazy how things like that happen. His name is Elder Rakena and he is the district leader in his district now.
So many funny things happen at the MTC. Yesterday, Sister Bullock started to pray at dinner (we all just pray silently) and then she looks up really abruptly and said "I just counted to ten" and then cracked up laughing. We couldn't stop laughing for about ten minutes. Our elders have told us that there is such a thing as a caffeine cartel at the MTC- in fact, the 3rd floor of their building seems to be the central place for people to buy caffeine. They picked Sister Whitt up some Dr. Pepper last week. To give you an idea of how Sister Whittaker is on a daily basis, she is ALWAYS talking in an accent, which cracks me up, all the time. We add to our toothbrush dance every night. Some of my favorite stories of the MTC are from the bathroom at night. There is something crazy always happening. Two days ago, we were showering after gym, just being goofy and laughing at something when this girl comes in to the shower next to me and starts like SERIOUSLY singing. She was really good, but it was way over the top. So I am trying really hard not to laugh, which is getting harder and harder as she keeps going. Then, Sister Whitt starts like opera-style singing along thinking that it was me singing and that I was just being a goof ball. The girl stops singing, and Sister Whitt says, as quietly as she can manage and still be heard over three showers, Sister F, was that you? I have to contain my laughter long enough to answer that the singing was not, in fact, me so that the girl doesn't get offended that we are laughing at her. She must not have been bothered because she then proceeded to sing Josh Groban and Dixie Chicks for the next two minutes. Stuff like that happens EVERY day.
Our Elders leave next week on Wednesday morning. I can't believe that it is already time for them to head out to Michigan. I am going to be so sad, and I feel like our days will be so much quieter. We have 6 crazy elders, and I don't think I wrote about them last week because I was trying to finish everything so fast. Their names are Elders English, Leavitt, Richardson, Aitken, Holladay, and Donofrio. Elder Donofrio is from Mesa, so we are representing our district well. They always tell us how grateful they are to have Sisters in their district and that they learn so much from us, but secretly I think they will be thrilled when they don't have to deal with us anymore. I have been so impressed with them, especially because some of them have had to deal with trials that I cannot even begin to comprehend, and yet, they are still serving the Lord and sacrificing two years to share the gospel.

Mom, I have a confession to make. I haven't worn my Danskos yet. I probably should. I'm so sorry!!! They are just never my first thought to put on my feet when I get dressed in the morning. I still have not repeated an outfit since I came to the MTC, which makes me feel like Katie, and which also makes my roommates a little jealous. They all think you are the coolest mom ever because I tell them stories about you literally every 10 minutes. I am so glad that you guys had such a great trip to Seattle and Victoria! I bet it was so beautiful! I would really like to go there sometime. Maybe Summer 2014?? Ok great. You guys are amazing that you walked everywhere- I'm so impressed! Dad, I got really grossed out when I thought about catching a 20 pound Salmon. Grossed out, and impressed that people do that. Sage's farewell sounds like it was great! Unfortunately I have not seen him yet, but I have been looking everywhere! Hopefully I will see him before I write my letter home and can tell you how he is doing. Right now, we ARE scheduled to be up at Temple Square on Saturday afternoon of conference. Our Branch President thinks that they may change that, but there is nothing else to indicate that change would happen.
I can't believe that my time is almost up and that I haven't even gotten to tell you about the amazing spiritual experiences that I have had this week! We have had wonderful devotionals, classes, and workshops, but I think that my favorite part is just getting to teach. Both of our teachers portray investigators- either from their missions or their personal lives. We have committed both to baptism already, and I can't even imagine how wonderful that will feel when I am actually teaching real people because it was the BEST feeling in the world to see the change in ''them.'' We also teach other people- a less-active member, a referral, and an investigator. We are told that all of them are actors, but that some of them are actually not members of the Church or that they are less-active. We have had experiences that taught me that I cannot do this without my Heavenly Father, but that if I put in the work and the preparation, He will help me say those things that will help them feel the converting power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Last night was our last time teaching ''Barbara" and before we left, she asked if we were coming back any more. When I told her that we would be going to teach people in Nebraska, she broke character, pulled out an ID, and showed me that her maiden name was Farnsworth and told me that she was always so excited for me to come because she felt like I was family. It was so great! I had an amazing experience teaching her, and even though I now know that she was actually a member (it was a BYU ID) I still felt the Spirit so strongly each time we taught.
Well, I love you so much. This gospel is true. Our Heavenly Father is so aware of us and the needs and desires of our hearts. I am so blessed and so grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary.
Sister Farnsworth