Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mom's Thoughts from MTC

On the morning of the report date, we went to breakfast as a family to Kneaders, one of Allison's favorite restaurants.   Afterwards, we went back to Nan and Carl's house where Curtis gave Allison a Father's Blessing, and we all started to say our goodbyes.  Boy was that tough.  It really started to sink in that the day was finally here for her to leave.  We left for the MTC, and parked in the lot across the street by the Temple.  It was very touching to see all of the other families with their missionaries, knowing that we were all in the same boat.  We took some pictures, and walked around for a few minutes before it was time to drive across the street to the MTC.  I commented as we pulled in that it felt like Disneyland parking.  There were people at the front stopping each car to make sure there was a missionary "on board".  We were then told to follow the curb to the left.  It was the cutest thing.... there were missionaries all lined up all along the curb.  I started to wave at them (much to the shame of my children!).  But they were so happy and they all waved back!
We stopped at our spot along the curb, and popped the trunk and the Elders came over and helped Allison with her luggage.  (she was a bit concerned about the weight of the bags!).  We said our final goodbyes, and she started to walk off (without a look backward).  I watched her through my tears as she walked off.  She was the only Sister Missionary we could see.  Then I see her look over to the curb and spot another new Sister getting out of her car.  In true "Allison" form, she reached out her arm and patted her on the shoulder.  I could just picture her as a 3 year old at McDonalds running over to me and saying....Mom, I made a new friend!  
She will be a great Missionary.  Now, if we could only get a letter.....


  1. Disneyland and McDonalds - Sounds like the MTC is my kind of place! Glad to hear Sister Farnsworth arrived safely. She will be a wonderful missionary.

  2. I love this, Denise. She was made for this! Boy will we miss her though. I have changed my route to work so I can pass the MTC at every opportunity. Always hoping to spot her doing something outside. :)