Saturday, September 15, 2012

Allison's First Letter Home!

Well, I've survived my first day at the MTC! It was so much better than I expected it would be.  Everyone said the first few days would be the worst, and I guess that could still be true, but today was pretty great!  President Brown asked that we write you and let you know that we are alive-so here is that letter! I will be able to write you your first email next week-my P-day is on Thursday, but we don't really get one this first week.

So, I guess I'll just walk you through my first day!  A sister met me outside my building and took me to get my room key and I saw Matt! I had only been here like 5 minutes.  Crazy.  We went up to my room, and then walked down to get my name tag, my MTC ID, and my pamphlets.  On our way down, I saw a girl I was friends with Freshman year! Then we went to our classroom and met our district-and my COMPANION! Sister Whittaker is so great and we are good friends already-how is that even possible? She is so cute and nice, and it is going to be a great month.  She is also determined not to gain weight so we promised each other we would be good.  We also found out that the "extra 30 min" of exercise time MacGyver wrote about are exercise classes for the sisters!  The only problem is that it's at 6, and we have to be READY by 7. So tomorrow we are going to Yoga and will see how it goes.  After that we had dinner and orientation, and a really amazing teaching experience where we, as a group, taught investigators.  I cannot begin to tell you how strong the spirit is here. I have felt overwhelmed with the knowledge of my Heavenly Father's love for me.  I keep turning to Sister Whittaker and saying, "can you believe that we're missionaries?" And then we just kind of laugh and shake our heads.

Our teachers are awesome and I can't wait to learn more from both Sister Peets and Brother Shumway. We met our Zone Leaders, and our coordinating Sister-who is our roommate who brought us back to our room to unpack. She kept talking to us, but none of us really responded because we were so out of it, and that made Sister Whittaker and I laugh so hard every time she left the room.  Sisters Bullock and Jarvet are both in our district as well, and in our room, and they are going to Washington DC Visitors Center and Mormon Battalion Visitors Center!  There are 8 other elders in our district too!  Everything is so great!  I love it here!  I miss you already, and love you so much!  I'm sure I'll write more soon, but I am so TIRED!  I love you!

Sister Farnsworth (yes, I respond to that already!)

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  1. This is so awesome! You are great Allison! You have such a positive attitude. I can't wait to hear more of your experiences. Love you. Cindi