Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This week was a really good, but really packed week. And it's just going to get worse this week!
We taught a ton of lessons and got to see so many people this week. The work in Old Mill really is just progressing so much!!! I will really miss these people. We have worked so hard to get where we are now, and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me to be able to see some of the fruits of those efforts.
We had an awesome chili cook-off this past weekend....don't know why they have it in February (it really seems like that is a fall thing?) but we had a great turnout- about 200 people and about 25 of them were investigators, not to mention all of the less actives that were there!!! Activities are such a great way to get people to come out to the church building where they can feel the Spirit.
So remember how I told you about miles? I thought I would fill you in on the new mission rules because I have been cracking up about them. Since the church sells the cars after 50,000 miles, we have to really preserve the miles on the cars because we aren't getting any new cars. So each car can only go about 1200 miles a week, or about 45 miles a day. Stressful, right there, because we can go up to close to 60 miles a day on some days. Then throw into the mix that we don't have a car, we use other sister's cars while they are at the TC. So they might drive in from their house (12 miles) and then have to get home (12 miles) leaving us 15 for the day. If the car goes over, it gets grounded (no one can use it) for a week. Hahahah. Oh man. It is so funny to me for some reason. I shouldn't laugh because it stresses my companion out a LOT. I just see it as a fun game because we have to be strategic about what car we take and about how to use the least amount of miles in day.
SO, because we found all of this out on Saturday morning, we decided that halfway through our day we would park our car and walk. Usually we don't have time because we have appointments every hour, but it was a nice day (25 degrees) and we had time! So we walked from 90th and Burt to 112th and Blondo! Not a short walk. At all. But it was really good to get out and walk, and it made it so we were under miles for the day! Miracles happen for sure.
We got a snow storm last Tuesday (pday) and our cars got grounded. Since we live far from our area, we can't go out and do missionary work like normal, so we decided to do service, and shoveled from 6-9 that night. For an Arizona girl who has never really shoveled snow before my mission, I've gotten pretty good at it ha! I was shoveling with Sister Bowles (oh, do I love her) and I was going a little crazy because I don't do very well when it's that long in between teaching a lesson, so I made her role play with me for an hour while we shoveled. I taught a guy named Joe who just killed someone because they stole his cat. Lots of entertainment to be found role playing. Hahahah. Things I will ONLY do as a missionary haha.
Well, I love you all a LOT. Dad told me in his email that it is supposed to be 46 degrees here next week when you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing the warmth :) I'm pretty sure my toes will be permanently cold. I love this place. I know that the pioneers that sacrificed their lives and their hearts here did it so that we could have the fulness of Christ's gospel and His love. The pioneers really did love the Savior so much, and I pray that I have been able to learn enough from them that I can live my life in a way that shows that I love Him too.
Thanks for all you have done to support me!
Sister Farnsworth

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