Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello wonderful family! It has been such a wonderful week- I have learned so much. That is one thing that I have been loving so much about the mission...I learn more in one week than I would have learned in months on my own. It has just been so clear to me that Heavenly Father is in every detail of our lives. Well, it finally happened. We got some snow. However, I don't know if I can really even count it as snow...it barely came down, and it didn't really stick. So I'm still sticking by my idea that if we can make it until December (Saturday) with no snow, I will be able to survive the winter. Everyone we meet just laughs at me when I tell them that I am from AZ though. There is a woman in one of the wards here that takes good care of the sisters- brings us food to share at the TC and such, and as I was talking to her the other day, she said that she has a home on McQueen and Ocotillo! Crazy right? She doesn't go down there very often, just has it for when she wants to spend time away.
It sounds like Thanksgiving in Mexico was really great! Tell everyone that I love them! Thanksgiving was great! When Sister Coats first got to Nebraska, she found distant relatives that lived in Iowa. When I say distant, I mean that when the pioneers came across, one of the siblings went to Utah (Sis Coats ancestors) and the other siblings stayed here. Anyways, Sister Coats got in contact with them and the Elders have been teaching her for about a year now. Her husband is not interested, so she won't get baptized yet, but she has read the Book of Mormon and knows that it is true. We got permission from President to travel over there and have lunch with them and teach them a lesson, which was great! We stopped in at the TC because there was a big party there with all of the sisters, the new sisters, President and his family, and the senior couples. We wanted to see who was transferred where and who the new companionships were, and it was fun to see people even though we couldn't stay for the party. We had dinner with the Hills, which was awesome, and then dessert at the O'Donnells in our ward with 3 other families in our ward. We ended our night by seeing Sister Jones who is a woman who has just started coming back to church recently. We love her so much!
Mike Hall came to church this week for the whole block! Every year he wins an award for his Christmas lights at his house, and on Saturday he put them up, with the help of several members of our ward! I love this ward so much- they are really catching the missionary spirit and it is amazing! Last night, I called Mike just to see how his day was and how church was, and he was very excited to tell us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily! I am so excited for him and the amazing progress he has been making. Last week when we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he just lit up. He kept saying how it made so much sense that Heavenly Father would be so fair in His plan for us and what will happen to us when we die! Gary and Star continue to come to church every week. They LOVE church. They are still learning and progressing as we go teach them.
In Nebraska, people are super into decorating. Not just some people, EVERYONE. Christmas lights are everywhere, and have been even before Thanksgiving. We came home the other night, and as she normally does, Sister Hill had decorated our room. She gave us a little Christmas tree and ornaments to decorate it how we wanted, and stockings to hang up in our room. She said that since it is our last month living there, we need to have it be really special. She is the BEST. Then, we went to the Ludlows for dinner on Sunday night. She is a returned sister missionary and so she always gets really mad at us when we don't call her if we don't have someone signed up to feed us haha. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that she has a son on a mission. Anyways...she is in the Primary, and she gave us a mini Christmas tree with ornaments that the Primary kids made and letters that they wrote to us. SUCH a great night.
I am not sure how it will actually work out with the 66 new sisters coming in. 2 came in this transfer, and we know of 4 coming in January. I just can't imagine all of these sisters coming in- it will be amazing! In answer to some of your questions, Sister Whittaker is doing really well! It is a blessing that we get to see each other so often. In fact, Sister Coats was sick yesterday, so Sister Whittaker stayed at our place with her and her companion came out with me because we had some appointments. In return, I am singing at a fireside for them tonight. One thing I am really jealous of Sister Whittaker about is that she gets to drive. Normally the senior companion is the driver for the whole transfer. However, there is a rule that no one can drive during their last transfer, and it is Sister Belka's last transfer, so Sis Whitt gets to drive. I'm jealous because I feel like I will understand how to get around better once I can actually drive!
I love you so much, and am so grateful for the continued support and love through your letters. I hope that everything is going well there, and am so excited to hear about all that is happening in your lives!
Love you to the moon and back! I'm having a good time!

Sister Farnsworth

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