Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, this email may be shorter than normal because I have the best family and friends and I have been reading emails and looking and pictures for a majority of my time here already. First, I wanted to say how sad I was to hear about Shad and that my prayers are with Jessica and Trevor. His name will be added to the WQ temple prayer roll on Friday.
You may have seen this in the news, but this weekend a man in my ward, who was also in the mission presidency, was killed in a plane crash. President Clarke was a wonderful man, and it will be a hard few weeks in particular for this ward. His son also died in the crash, and one of his other sons was just released as the bishop of my ward. I am so grateful at times like these for my knowledge of what comes after this life and for the peace that was felt at church on Sunday despite such a huge tragedy.
In lighter news, we had Zone Conference this past week, and it was incredible! President Weston's message to us was based around Elder Bednar's talk about Testimony vs. Conversion. If you haven't studied it yet, DO IT. I loved it so much, it has really changed my whole perspective about what I believe. This week is going to be crazy busy, which is just how I like it, but I'm sad because we will not be in our area very much. We have lots of trainings happening and will be at the Trail Center a lot- which is great because Gingerbread starts on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. We decorated for Christmas last night at the TC, tree and all, which was fun but I just kept thinking about how much Marisa would hate it hahahahah. Can you send some Christmas CDs? In the car we listen to cds so it would be nice to have a few.
Apparently Elder Snow came to another stake's stake conference this past weekend and him and President Weston talked about what all these new missionaries will mean for the people in Nebraska. President Weston said at Zone conference that we will be getting 66 new sisters, and that the mission (which only has 170 missionaries now) will soon have 250 or more. He said that only 4% of missionaries live with members as compared to some missions near us that have over 40% with members. He told them that this will need to change! It is such a blessing to live with members and I am so grateful for people who open their homes for missionaries.
We taught Gena last week- the woman who said she wants to be baptized soon- and I feel like I've known her my whole life. She told us that she is thinking about November 23rd or 24th! However, she may want to be baptized in Salt Lake because all of her friends who have fellowshipped her live out there now! If that happens, who wants to go for me?? I am so excited. She is 37, single, wonderful, and lives down the street from us. Such a blessing! I feel like I've known her my whole life.
OH! Jen- thanks for writing that Ensign article. Sister Coats was talking to someone the other day and was trying to remember what the article was about being single in the ward, and I just happened to overhear her, and could obviously tell her exactly who wrote it and where to find it! You're wonderful!

Thanks for the pictures of the wedding- I got the ones from Papa last week and it was so great to see them. Susan looked gorgeous! I'm sure it was a wonderful sealing and reception!
We had an amazing lesson with Mike Hall a few nights ago and invited him to follow the example of his Savior and be baptized! He said he would prepare for December 8th! He is so great. Eli came to church on Sunday for all three hours, without his wife even!!!!!!!! We wanted to scream we were so happy.
I am going to the temple on Friday! I cannot wait. I have missed so much being able to go to the temple often, and it is even harder when I am teaching about how much the temple will bless people's lives and I can't go! I am so grateful to have a temple so close that I can see every time I am at the TC. Our P-day is cut 3 hours short today for the time we will spend in the temple on Friday, so there may not be very many letters coming out. I will try to write Lexie back finally (sorry Luther) and get as many other letters as I can, but know that I love you and am so grateful for the emails I got today.
I know that this church is true, and that it doesn't matter where we are at in our lifes, this gospel can bring us more happiness than we could ever imagine. I know that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me. I know that His Son, Jesus Christ, is my Savior and that He Atoned for my sins and pains. I know that His church has been restored once more to the church through a prophet of God and that Christ stands at the head of that church.
If I didn't know this, I wouldn't be here!
I love you to the moon and back! I'm having a good time!!!!

Sister Farnsworth

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  1. Hi cute Alli girl! I am loving your blog and love reading about all the great experiences you are having. I bet you are the best and sweetest missionary ever to serve there! All is well here...just gearing up for Christmas with our whole family. We have rented a big cabin up in Payson to be together, so that will be fun. Sure are proud of you and all you are doing to further this great work! Stay warm and give yourself a big hug from me! Love ya...