Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy October!

We just got back from a cute place called Vala's pumpkin patch. Think Disneyland mixed with Gardner's Village. Darling. We had so much fun. Corn mazes, little go-cart things, pumpkins, the works. You would all have loved it.
I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I feel right now to be teaching Jacob. Oh my heck I can't even explain how much we love him. Last night in our lesson (Plan of Salvation) we asked him if he has any questions about anything we have taught so far. Mind you, we haven't even really taught the Word of Wisdom, but he heard about it during General Conference a few weeks ago. So his question that he asked was if he was allowed to have chocolate because it has caffeine in it. He has stopped eating chocolate and drinking all forms of caffeine, just in case. JUST IN CASE. Our Bishop also pulled us aside and told us that Jacob paid his tithing this week. He is so prepared, and he is so excited for his baptism. I just love getting to be a part of this work...the Lord's work. There are too many things that happen every day that couldn't possibly be "coincidence." I know that He directs every part of our days! How blessed are we!?!?
We had an investigator drop us this week- Matthew- and it is always so interesting to me when that happens. It's always really sad and kind of frustrating because I just LOVE the people that we teach so much and you know how much this will bless their lives, so it's hard to see them not accept it. Every time it happens though, it is an opportunity to bear testimony that they have felt the Spirit and that they know it's true. In a weird way, I love those moments because I get to bear pure testimony that this is Christ's church. I know that in a way that I could have never imagined before my mission. His Atonement covers every part of our suffering, our sin, our pain, and our trials. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. I love being able to share with the people in Nebraska and Iowa (and for that matter, people from all over the world that come into the TC) that I have felt and been changed by the truthfulness of His good news.
Sister Harris and I are still partying it up in the singles ward. Tonight for Family Home Evening we are helping to build our ward's gingerbread display. Let the countdown begin to gingerbread....just one month!!!! A big shout-out to my dear sweet best friend Ms. Matilyne Fitzgerald on her BIRTHDAY. Love you so much chickadee.
Next week will be an eventful conference and Halloween (party at the TC included) all in one week. So excited for that! Zone conferences are always a highlight in the mission.
LOVE YOU ALL. Happy fall....we are really seeing some beautiful fall trees here. Definitely my favorite part of the year in Nebraska
Sister Farnsworth

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