Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A short little note.....

I got this little email today from Allison.  It seems that on Monday, they were shorted on their email time and she got to get on to the computer!  Here is a little note she had to share.  I wonder if she is loving her mission??

The Spanish sisters brought in their investigator Ana from Honduras and a team-up that grew up in Mexico. I swear that Nebraska is this strange melting pot place. I don't understand. Side note...I also took some people from Switzerland on tour yesterday. Anyways. Cute Ana was probably in her 60s and so humble and sincere. I think I loved her instantly. How can you not!? Anyways. It was so neat to take on her on tour, letting the sisters and the woman from their ward translate as we went. I don't know how much she understood of what I actually said before it was translated, but there were times that I knew that her heart understood even if she didn't actually understand what I was saying. I know that the Spirit works that way...that we can communicate even without knowing the same language at all. I invited her to read the Book of Mormon daily to help her in her process of becoming converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized after watching the movie God's Plan....did you all do what I asked and go to your local visitor's center so you could watch that? It's a killer. She nodded yes through her tears- it was such a sweet moment and I was so grateful that those sisters asked me to take their tour. It was so humbling. I love serving here. I. LOVE. IT.

And then I got Papa's letter today with some quotes in it that I read about 20 times and then read them aloud to anyone who would listen. I think about 5 different sisters have asked that I typed them up so we could put them in our copies of the Book of Mormon to read on tour. I may or may not have the most popular grandfather on the planet. 

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