Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello and some Pics!!

 I think I have caught up on all of the pictures that I needed to send for the past few weeks. So happy that we finally came to the Trail Center to email so we could send pictures! Sounds like the week was SO good and that you all did an awesome job hiking the Grand Canyon! We had a really good week too. The Lord is just blessing our area so much and I am so grateful that I get to be able to witness all of the miracles that have been happening. We had THE most eventful (and I mean literally event-full) weekend. It was a lot of fun, but it also just wiped me OUT.
We started on Saturday morning with my alarm clock going off at 340 so we could be out the door by 440 to serve food at a pancake breakfast in downtown Omaha. We were doing it for the Kiwanis club that Dr. Fischer and Elder Cleverly are in together, and Sister Harris, Sister Whittaker, Sister Kirby, and I were on the 5 am shift. It was POURING rain, so we were really grateful that there was a big tent covering us. There is a guy here named "The Pancake Man" and he travels and makes pancakes at events and fairs and things of the sort. His grill was about 10 feet long. It was crazy. As we poured all of the syrup into bottles- quite the difficult task, I'll tell you- we met one of his assistants. Pancake Man Steve. He is a young single adult that lives in Council Bluffs. WAIT. WHAT!? A YSA that lives in Council Bluffs?! Those are my favorite kind of people to talk to right now! Ha. He asked us all sorts of questions about being missionaries, and we gave him our phone number and invited him to the bonfire we are having tonight for Family Home Evening. We are praying that he will come, and I think he will because he has been texting and asking about it! What a miracle. See, blessings come for sacrificing sleep to serve, especially at 5 in the morning.
We were on shift right after the breakfast, so we went to the TC (and I was LOOPY already. Seriously. Slap happy....haha MMAT). We then left our shift early to go to Hung and Kevin's wedding. Remember our recent convert from May?! She was such a beautiful bride, and I can't wait to go to their sealing! They had asked us to serve the food at their reception, so we did that. Felt right at home. Then we went straight from there to the Relief Society Broadcast. Whew.
Sunday was not AS crazy, but still pretty dang busy. We served at the TC in the morning, and it was one of those weird mornings where we don't have a single tour come until 11 and then we got 5 tours at once. There are only 6 of us on shift, so it gets a little frantic when that happens. After our shift we went straight to church. It was fast and testimony meeting for us, and Chris got up to bear his testimony. Let me tell you, nothing makes you more happy (or nervous) than watching your brand new recent convert bear their testimony in church. BEST. I was laughing so hard though because he made us STAND UP. He got up and said "I want to thank my two sisters for getting me on the right path. Stand up sisters. I was like NO! haha he just said STAND UP." So then he talked about getting baptized and what it meant to him, and then he made "his four friends" stand up and talked about how much they have helped him. Ah he is so darling. Haha. He brought his girlfriend, and we are going to be teaching her on Tuesday! Miracle! Then, at night, there was a fireside put on by our church, the Remnant church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Community of Christ church. Sister Thomas brought her friend Pauline that we went to come home to kanesville with, and she really enjoyed it. In fact, afterwards, she asked us to come to her house on Tuesday. Such a huge MIRACLE! Sister Thomas was freaking out haha. I loved it.
Well, Sister Pulley is here. Do you remember the Pulley's- my ward mission leader and his wife from Benson? She came to pick us up so we can go to her house and make cupcakes! So much fun. I love that I have made such good friendships here and that I can keep these friendships for life.
Like Papa said, I know that sometimes it's hard to tell if I love my mission or if I even like being a let me reiterate. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love doing this work because it is the Lord's work, and as I do it, He is molding me into the woman that He needs me to be. I will never be able to be grateful enough for all that He has done for me.

I love you all! 
Have a great day!
Love, Sister Farnsworth

Allison and Sister Anderson

Allison with Chris!  Love that sign language!

With Sister Whittaker on their one year mark!

Allison with her companion Sister Harris 

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