Monday, September 9, 2013


I am still a little in shock from transfers. My cute Sister Jones got transferred out of the area and is opening a new area for full proselyting sisters and is training a new misisonary named Sister Mccauley. She is darling! Sister Harris got transferred in which was a SHOCK for both of us because we have both trained every transfer that we weren't being trained. She has been out 9 months and is from Littleton, Colorado, and we still just keep looking at each other like IS THIS REAL!? We are such good friends, and we have seen incredible miracles already. She is an incredible missionary and has so much faith. She is already loving the area and the ward, and is even having me teach her some sign language to help her teach Chris. I LOVE HER.
This week really was a week of miracles. We are teaching way more than we have in the singles ward since I've been here, and the ward is doing so well! I am so amazed with how much the Lord has really blessed this area. It may seem like a small thing, but we taught 7 lessons with members present last week....we barely have more than that many members that are active in our ward haha! It was incredible. We also got a ward mission leader after not having one for the whole 4 months I have been serving here. He is a RM that served here, in Loess Hills right before I got transferred in and he went home, and then he moved back here to go to school. It will be great because he knows the area well.
Chris is doing SO WELL. I love him so much I can hardly stand it. He will probably get baptized this Saturday afternoon, still trying to figure out the day/time because of conflicting work schedules. I think that word....LOVE...sums up my mission pretty dang well. I love the people, I love being a missionary, I love winter quarters, I love teaching. Man I love teaching. I love seeing the hand of God in every part of my day. I love praying around 17 times before noon (I laughed really hard at Hermana Arntsen's count of how many times she prayed. Awesome). I just love my mission. I LOVE NEBRASKA AND IOWA.

We are also teaching a lot of other amazing people. John, Matthew, Chelsea, and Freddy, are all progressing so well. Next week I will tell you all about Freddy because he is awesome. He is 18 and a basketball player and reminds me SO much of Terren Houk (from BYU). They could be twins both in how they look and act. It's freaky.
This week will be an incredible one. We are going to the temple Friday (YESSSSSSSS), hopefully have a baptism Saturday, and have the last concert of the summer on Sunday. And yes, it really still feels like summer here. It is soooo hot and humid.
Will you study chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel with me this week? We are studying it 15 minutes a day in the mission. I can promise you that if you do, your testimony of the Book of Mormon will grow, and you will come closer to your Savior because of it.
Love you!
Sister Farnsworth

Allison and her new companion Sister Harris

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