Monday, September 16, 2013

Great Week!

This week was incredible. Seriously, I look back and just want to pinch myself. When we weekly planned for this week, we counted how many total hours we were going to have in our area (not at the Trail Center, planning, at church, in meetings etc.) and it came up to about 10 hours, including the time that we were hoping to spend at Chris' baptism. So about 8 hours to teach. EIGHT HOURS. For a whole week. That is no time at all. I was a little nervous just because we want to be working hard and seeing a lot of success, but we just trusted that the Lord would magnify our time because He always does when we are where He needs us to be. So, we set to work, and saw amazing miracles. Seriously, it was so great. I still am not really sure about how we got everything done that we got done. Our investigators are doing really well! Freddy is reading the Book of Mormon so much and it is so fun to see the excitement in his eyes about it. LOVE that kid.
So, Wednesday, Chris was supposed to have his baptismal interview right after District Meeting because our district leader lives in Bellevue, Nebraska, and it was convenient that he was already over there. Well, Chris doesn't show up. His phone is off (which is typical, it always dies ha), no one answers at his house, nothing. AH. I was so sad because I knew how prepared he was to be baptized, and then here he was, just not showing up. I think I was sad the whole rest of the day. He finally texted us at around 930 that night to say that he got called into work and that his phone had died so he couldn't tell us. We set up a time the next day that Elder Call could meet up with him and have his interview.
Soooo now the day is Thursday. Sorry if the play-by-play is boring, but it was the most up and down part of my week. Whew. Chris shows up to his interview mad at one of his friends for some reason or another. I was terrified sending him into his interiview like that, just because....well, baptismal interviews are always a little nervewracking as it is. His friend that he was mad at was with him, and has a really hard family situation, so we went and grabbed her some food while he was in the interview. By the time we got back and got her food, they came out of the interview. It was like Chris was a different person. He was absolutely beaming. He came around the corner and said "Tell her, Elder Call! Tell her!" I laughed so hard because of how excited he was. Man, I love that kid.

Friday, we got to go the temple, which was such a great experience like it always was. Who hasn't been to the temple lately? You need to go. ASAP. Being there just reminded me over and over again that we have a loving Heavenly Father, and that His love is perfect. We never need to worry as long as we are doing what He asks of us.
Come Saturday morning, we still don't have anyone to baptize Chris. Originally, he had been planning on having Elder Wallace baptize him because he was one of the missionaries that worked with his mom and sister, and he loved him. But Elder Wallace went home last transfer, so that didn't work. So we ended up having Elder Call, who did his interview, come up and baptize him. He was really happy about that! It was kind of fun for Elder Call and I because we came out together, so we celebrated our year mark by having him baptize one of my investigators! Funny how that worked out! The baptism was so neat. The Spirit was so incredibly strong there, and I was so grateful that I got to be a part of all of this.
Last night was the last concert. Talk about mixed emotions. I am so happy that they are over because so much work goes into each and every one, but at the same time, I wanted to cry at the end of it last night. Especially because last night's concert was so crazy. Just about everything that could go wrong beforehand did go wrong. It was so obvious that Satan knew that this could be a really spiritual night and that he didn't want that to happen. So we just kept moving forward, despite the setbacks, and everything ran smoothly! The Spirit was so strong, and again, I was so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me to be a part of this.
We are really excited for this upcoming week because we have a lot of time in our area! We are going to work SUPER hard and I know that we will see miracles. Thank you for being so supportive- I love being a missionary SO MUCH.....not sure if you've heard me say that enough times ;)
Love you all!
Sister Farnsworth
                                       Happy Missionaries!  Sis Farns, Sis Harris and the
                                              recently returned home Sis Jasper!!

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