Monday, September 23, 2013


Well, the big news in the Loess Hills ward is that we got a new Bishopric yesterday! We will miss Bishop Bendorf and his awesome counselors, but we are really excited for Bishop Johnson and all that is ahead of us. Singles ward bishoprics are an interesting thing because they are with the people in the ward way more than a reguar, weekly FHE, activities almost every weekend, and the list goes on and on. So, needless to say, people get pretty attached. We are really praying for our new Bishop and are excited to see what ideas he has for the ward. I'm sure that he will have ideas that will be answers to the prayers we have been saying for months now about how to help the ward grow, how to help unify it, and how to serve those members that are struggling. I love this little ward.
Chris is doing so well. He is such a spaz, and it makes me laugh so hard every time we are around him because he gets so hyper! He never ceases to surprise me, though. Yesterday at church, he handed me his nook, and he had downloaded the gospel library and had the lesson for Sunday School open already. Best feeling ever. Plus he said he wants to go to the temple soon! Too bad it is closed for cleaning for 2 weeks. Hopefully that means we will get to clean it, at least!
Hung, our recent convert from May, is getting married this week! She is SO CUTE. Sister Thomas in our ward threw a bridal shower for her at the church on Saturday and some girls from the ward came. It was really neat because her mom and sisters came, and they are really against her being a part of the church, but they were willing to come to the church and are even coming to the wedding on Saturday when they told her they wouldn't come if it was at the church. We are so happy for her. She really wants some church "books" to read to help her get to know the gospel better. I'm not sure what would be most helpful really. Maybe even one of those kids Book of Mormon readers that help you get to know the stories better? Any ideas?
Council Bluffs ALWAYS cracks me up. The most interesting people you could ever imagine live here. We found a new investigator last night that is getting married in two years(?) and the reason they are waiting for so long is to plan their neon themed wedding really well. Normal.
We aren't serving at the Kanesville tabernacle anymore, which is a bummer, but it slows down in the fall and winter and the hours change to 10-5 instead of 930-7 with two shifts. I'm grateful, because I don't know how to sit still anymore, but I will really miss the Tabernacle. Good thing I live up the street from it. The quilt show has been going really well, but it ends next week! Where has September gone?! We heard yesterday about the project we will be doing on Halloween night (do you remember the 12 days of Christmas thing I sent you last year? This year will be way cute.) and it was announced that Gingerbread starts November 23rd. YES.

Our Trail Center Training this week was about the training that Elder Robbins gave to all of the Zone Leaders (and Sister Training Leaders)  in the mission. He said that because we have 100% agency, we have to take 100% accountability for every situation that we are in. For instance, I can't say (as a missionary) "Oh, shoot, I woke up at 6:35. My alarm must not have gone off." Even if my alarm didn't go off, it was my responsibilty to do as I promised the Lord and be obedient by waking up by 6:30. So, to be more accountable, maybe I turn my alarm up louder. Maybe I set two alarms. Maybe I have my companion set her alarm clock too. You get the idea. Too often, we blame, we procrastinate, we lie, we rationalize etc. He made a list of those actions and then called that list the "Loser List". The Savior never went to that list, so we shouldn't either. So it has been my goal to be completely accountable for everything that happens in a day. It has helped me as I account to the Lord every night and has helped me to see what I can improve on, and how I can become His servant. I love being a missionary!
Well, that's all I've got! From Council-tucky, Iowa, I LOVE YOU. Have a great week!
Sister Farnsworth

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  1. Happy Birthday Sister Farnsworth! I love the council bluffs comment. Over here in Omaha we call it council-tucky. (I know that's not very nice...)