Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It feels like I just sent an email, and to be honest, there isn't THAT much to update you on! We have been teaching and finding just like normal, and we have spent a lot of time at the Trail Center this past weekend! Sundays are usually a lot of fun because we work almost every Sunday, and now that our church time is 9-12, we work from 1-9 at the TC when we work. Pretty much every time we work, we work with Sister Whitt and her companion, who is now Sister Graham! The Openshaws are usually there too, so it's a party at the Trail Center!
This past week, the Ellsworth's son and his family came to visit since they are only 4 hours away in Kansas. I LOVED meeting them, and Sister Ellsworth asked if I would take them on tour. That was such an honor for me, especially because there were other sisters on shift-like my companion-who are PROS, but she asked me. I love them so much, and it was so much fun to take their family around. I hope that soon I will be able to see some of her other children...hint hint! Come to OMAHA! The weather's great ;)
Brother Hall received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and was ordained to the office of Priest. He also received his temple recommend and a calling, and tonight we are going to the Family History Center so we can do family history work and get names for him to take to the temple! He is amazing, and is such an example to all of us about how to become converted to the gospel. There is a less-active woman in our ward who wants to start coming back to church, and she went with us to see Brother Hall last week. As usual, his Book of Mormon, Bible, Gospel Principles book, Stand a Little Taller, and other church material was spread out on his kitchen table. He really inspired her to start studying the scriptures more, which was so incredible! I think we are going to take him with us when we go teach a man named Lewis and his wife tomorrow night because they are around the same age and Lutheran like Brother Hall was. Our ward is full of amazing converts, so it isn't hard to find someone who was the same religion as the people that we are teaching to go on team ups with us!
The Trail Center has a really different feel to it already with the 5 new sisters here, and it will only continue to change over the next few transfers. I heard we are getting 6 new sisters in February, and it will only continue to increase from there! Elder Watson leaves on the 19th, which is coming up a lot sooner than I can believe. President gave all of the sisters permission to surprise him and go to the 6 am temple session on the 18th. I think all of the senior couples will be there as well! I am always saying that I wish that we could all be in the temple together, but that wouldn't be possible because we are all on different temple days and SOMEONE has to be at the Trail Center to keep it running....well, solution is to go at 6 am! It is going to be a really amazing experience, and I can't wait! We also have our interviews with President this week, so lots of exciting things are going on out here!
In answer to some of your questions in your email...Sister Belka is from St. George, andshe started school yesterday (about 3 days after she got home) at Dixie so she should be around! That would be fun for you to see her! I think you said it was in March, and at that point Sister Coats will be home too! She's up in Spanish Fork though, but I know she wants to meet you at some point, so next time you are up there you should let her know! Sister Jones who was in Jen's institute class at ASU lives in Peoria and will be going to ASU again, so I told her to look for David and Anessa Hakes!
Love you to the moon and back! I'm having a good time!
You should look up Elder Holland's talk "The Inconvenient Messiah" on speeches.byu.edu (especially the girls). It is so good!!! And then we can be reading the same thing :)
Love, Sister Farnsworth

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  1. Hi Sister F! Love reading your blog and hearing what an amazing experience you are having on your mission. Guess what my kids did for a birthday surprise for me! They hired William Joseph to come to my house and play for me! NOT kidding! It was so awesome! He played about 6 songs for me, including Stella's Theme and made me think of you, of course. He talked to all my grandkids about his mission in Australia and how important it was to serve a mission. Anyway, just thought you might like to hear about it. I sure am proud of you, and know you are doing great things to further this great work! Love you lots! Lori Emig