Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Cold!

Hi!! So, it decided to get cold in Omaha again. But, as we hear DAILY, this is Nebraska. If you don't like the weather, wait an hour, and it will change. That's about right!! With the wind chill, President said it was -11 yesterday morning. Luckily we were in the trail center 9-3, but we were out tracting at night! BRRRRR. Good thing we have the Spirit to keep us warm.....haha that was a joke, but really, when we are teaching a lesson on the street it's like I can't even feel the cold because I am so focused on saying what He wants me to say that I can't focus on the fact that my toes are going to fall off. Or my nose. We honestly saw miracles last night though! Let me tell you....

After our dinner appointment we were praying that we would be able to achieve all of the goals we had set for ourselves that night. We had an appointment with Mike at 830, so we had an hour and a half to get 2 "other" lessons. We prayed that we would have the opportunity to get those lessons, and decided to go check a less-active member's house that we have never tried before. It was in an apartment building that you have to be buzzed in to, and she wasn't there, so we were kind of discouraged because we couldn't teach ANYONE there, but we felt like we were supposed to be there. We talked to some people in the parking lot, but, as mentioned earlier, it was about 10 degrees, and that is not counting what the windchill made it feel like, so people weren't too keen on standing in a parking lot to talk to people about Jesus. Which is too bad because it's the most important thing you could talk about, but oh well! That's what agency is for. ANYWAYS. Right before we left we heard a car door close so we walked back that way and met a girl named Nicole who is in hair school. She said that she has just started going to a church because she wants God in her life more and so it was a HUGE coincidence that we started talking to her....I told her it wasn't a coincidence. She is so prepared. We had an incredible lesson. Outside. She didn't have a coat on, and she was more than willing to stand out in the cold and learn more because she knew that this was something that she needed in her life. She agreed to be baptized on February 23rd. She is a young single adult, so she will be turned over to some other sisters, which is even more of a miracle because they just fasted for new investigators because they can't find anyone to teach!!!!!!!!!! It was so incredible!

So this woman and her daughter came into the Trail Center with her four grandkids and said they know someone in our ward really well and told Sister Coats approximately where they live, and so we tried that area last night (we kind of knew...exactly...where they lived haha) and when we knocked on their door, you could tell that they were really nice but had just finished bath time with their grandkids and weren't going to let two girls into their house, but then she recognized that Sister Coats looked familiar. Once she realized it was from the TC, she said oh come in!!!!! We were able to share a lesson with them about the Book of Mormon- they are prepared. I am PRAYING that we can continue to teach them!
We haven't seen Matt and Elyssa in a little while and we were worried that they were starting to not be interested, but when I was on exchanges with Sister Beatty (a new missionary) this past week we stopped by their house, and Matt was there. He apologized about 100 times because they have been so busy, but made sure to tell me that he still reads the Book of Mormon and we set up an appointment for tomorrow night! Before we left, I said Matt, you're going to get baptized- somewhat jokingly- and he just smiled and nodded and said I know I am!!!!! He is so.prepared.
We are praying that we can have a baptism on February 15...Sister Coats will no longer be my companion, but she will still be here and her parents will be as well! That would be so amazing!
I will never forget last Friday. We all spent the night at different houses closer to the Trail Center so we could be at the temple by 630 in the morning. There is normally a session at 6, but the temple President allowed us to have a special session with only the sister missionaries and the senior couples. The senior couples officiated, so the only people there were missionaries and the temple President and his wife. President and Sister Weston were there as well. Elder and Sister Watson walked in together, and he walked back out because he was so overwhelmed. He was crying instantly, and came around and shook all of our hands. The whole thing was incredible. To be there with all of those people I love, in the temple that I love so much was so amazing! When parents come to pick up their missionaries, they meet them in the temple for a session with all of the departing missionaries, so Sister Coats is telling her parents when to meet her today! So crazy! It is sad that the Watsons are gone, but the Cleverlys are amazing and I am so excited that they are here!
I know I say it all of the time, but I am so grateful to be serving in Lakeview!!! I am so grateful to be serving at the Trail Center! Some of the sisters made a music video to one of the songs from the new youth list on LDS.org music during their exercise time...we were laughing hysterically watching it. Where else in the world do missionaries do this kind of stuff!??! I am so grateful to be in Nebraska, and that like the necklaces I sent you for Christmas, that my heart is in Omaha!!!
Love you to the moon and back!
Sister Farnsworth

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