Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Quarters Temple Session


On a chilly January 18, 2013 all twenty-six sister missionaries serving in the Nebraska, Omaha Mission gathered at the Winter Quarters Temple to participate in a special, early morning missionary  temple session.  This was not an ordinary, scheduled Friday session, but one added to accommodate the mission president and his wife, the young sister missionaries, the senior missionary couples (who served as the ordinance workers for that particular session), and two special patrons who came to the temple one last time before returning home to Utah.  Elder and Sister Watson, Directors of the Mormon Pioneer Trail Center at Winter Quarters completed their two year mission assignment the weekend of January 19th and were returning home to Utah.  The temple session that morning, they were told, would include President and Sister Weston, of the Nebraska, Omaha Mission, and a small group of acquaintances, so when they walked into the temple ordinance room filled with their twenty-six sister missionaries, it was almost overwhelming.  The outpouring of love that filled the room was tangible and tender and added completeness to their fulfilling two-year mission experience.

The young sisters wanted to show their feelings of love and respect for the Watsons and came up with the idea of gathering at the temple for a special session with just Elder and Sister Watson, the missionaries, and President and Sister Weston, not knowing if it would even be possible.  After contacting the mission president, the temple president and making a detailed plan, it all fell into place.  Righteous desires of the heart are often granted, and in this case twenty six sister missionaries, twenty-two senior missionaries and the departing directors, the Watsons, were the recipients of a heart-felt heavenly experience.      
                                       (Allison is on the back row, to the left...peeking over)

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