Monday, February 18, 2013


Hi! This week has been AWESOME. Lots of mixed emotions with transfers, but so many exciting things have happened. It was great to meet Sister Coat's (Alex's) family, and hard to send her off, but I am so excited to see the amazing things that she will do! Plus, now I have Sister Owen, and she is INCREDIBLE. I love this girl so much! I know you already heard from Sis. Ellsworth that she grew up in New Mexico (Albuquerque) but I'll tell you more! Her family now lives in Maryland- Annapolis. She graduated from BYU in August with a degree in History, but is thinking she might go back to school and do nutrition. GET THIS- she is ALSO gluten intolerant. Maybe Heavenly Father is preparing me to have gluten intolerant children. I know lots about it now. She is also dairy intolerant and a vegetarian, which is awesome because I am going to learn how to eat REALLY healthy and stay in great shape! She is a really powerful teacher and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn from her.
You will never guess what happened before she got here. While she was in the MTC, her mom was googling our mission, and found MY BLOG and sent Sister Owen a clip of the letter about going to the temple with the Watsons. At the end of it she said "wouldn't that be crazy if she was your companion?" Well, Mama Owen- Here I am! If you are reading this, your daughter is absolutely incredible, and I am so lucky to be her companion!
We have had lots of exciting changes since Elder Cleverly got here. Some not major, like not having to wear a cardigan or blazer when we are at the Trail Center. We also now have set Pdays every week- always Monday! We get to take companionship tours, and the focus is really on teaching the Restoration of the Gospel using the principles of Preach My Gospel, which I absolutely love. The biggest one happened this past Saturday at training though, which is....we get to serve at the Kanesville Tabernacle!!!!!!!!! That may not be that exciting to you. Let's try this again. Re-read it, and imagine being SUPER excited about something. Ok, that's better. I have wanted to serve at Kanesville since I got here, but only senior couples have served there until this point. President Weston and Elder Cleverly have been thinking about it and trying to figure out the logistics, and with all of the new sisters that we will be getting very soon, we can handle working there too! We are so excited for this new change and the chance to learn more about Kanesville so we can know the pioneers on an ever deeper level.
Matt and Elyssa are doing awesome- Elyssa called us the other day and we talked to her while we were driving home from the TC. She told us that she had spent all day with her very Catholic step-mom who was asking her all about the church and Elyssa said that she was able to tell her a lot of the things "we" believe. WE. She already considers herself LDS. I guess that makes sense, when Matt introduced himself to Sister Owen by saying "we're basically baptized already." They are hilarious. We are having dinner with them tonight at Brother Hall's house- best. night. ever!!!!!!!! I feel so blessed to be around these amazing people all of the time! Matt's daughter Aurora was here this weekend from Kansas City, and she came to church. She LOVED primary.
Ann also came to church this week! Last week we saw her, and she said it was the first time that we have ever talked to her about baptism that it made sense to her why she needs to be baptized. I have no idea what we did any different than we have ever done- in fact, I think it was EXACTLY the same, but her heart is more ready and open. She has come to church twice now, which is a huge deal with her anxiety, and she has been reading the Book of Mormon daily. I'm praying that she will continue to progress!

I love you all so much! Have an amazing week.
Love, Sister Farnsworth

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