Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Week with Sister Coats

Well, as you well know, this is transfer week! President called this morning, and I am staying in Lakeview and Sister Owen is coming over to be with me! It is going to be an awesome transfer and I am really excited to learn from her and see lots of miracles! I am so grateful to be staying in Lakeview for at least this transfer, I love it so much!!
We have continued to see lots of miracles in Lakeview! After church on Sunday, Matt was driving home so Sister Coats, Elyssa, and I were just talking about how church was and about how she is feeling about the gospel. She told us that this past week has been the worst week that she has had in about four years, and that she knows it is because Satan is trying to stop them from getting baptized, but it just makes her want to get married and baptized even more. The tentative baptism date right now is April 13, but I think it will probably get moved up even more than that. They are just nervous about telling their families that they are getting married this month instead of next year! They are so incredible, and it is so fun to teach them because we are such good friends with them now...they know that when we teach them something that is hard for them to accept (like when we tell them they need to repent haha) it is out of love and it is because we want them to be happy!
Tonight, we are going to see lots of people in our 3 short hours of proselyting time. We are even seeing Brother Hall, and instead of having a member go with us to visit (since we have to take another female with us) we are taking Matt and Elyssa and then going to their house to teach them! Hahaha we are taking our investigators on a team up with us to see our recent convert. Awesome.
It is really surreal that Sister Coats is leaving, and I will miss her a lot! I have learned so much from her, and I am so excited to see what wonderful things she will do next! In answer to your question mom....Sister Coats was from Heber, but her family moved during her mission. Don't get any bright ideas.
I got my valentines day package, and the cookies were PERFECT. Let's try that experiment was a successful one. I also got a Valentines package from Nan, and a present from Irene. THANK you so much for those!
I hope that Katie and Sid travel safely this weekend and that you guys have fun! I'm putting EVERYONE in charge of bugging them until they send the letters that they wrote me, because they wrote them 2 weeks ago. Well, it's 55 degrees outside, and not a cloud in sight, so I am going to go enjoy Omaha. I love you all dearly. Talk to you next Pday (which, I'm assuming, is on Tuesday)!
Love, Sister Farnsworth

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