Monday, February 25, 2013


This has been a CRAZY week! I keep laughing every time something new happens because poor Sister Owen doesn't even know what a normal week is like yet. Good thing she is an amazing missionary, or else this week might have been a shocker! We have been having so much fun and have been working hard in Lakeview! Mom- the typical length of time that we should stay together is 2 transfers, meaning that I would end up being in LV for 5 transfers or 71/2 months. Who knows what will happen though, because we have EIGHT sisters getting here at the end of this transfer. This transfer is also a really short transfer- ends on March 20th- because of the MTC trying to get rid of missionaries as soon as they can. In fact, a new spanish speaking missionary came to Nebraska in the middle of Zone Conference this week, so President left at lunch to go get him from the airport and then brought him straight to Zone Conference! The MTC told President that they will be sending them as soon as they can- regardless of if it's at the beginning of a transfer or not!
We have had maybe 15 hours in our area this week. Maybe. Between Zone conference and the TC, it is motivation to work really hard in the time that we have in our area. Matt and Elyssa continue to amaze us with their wilingness to change and repent in order to move toward baptism! Their previous wedding date, as you may remember, was scheduled for Spring 2014. Well, they had a big announcement to tell us last Monday night, which was that they are now officially getting married in May- they have told their parents- and they want Bishop to marry them at the church. They are ony inviting immediate family and "church family." I was hoping that I would have a picture to send home of them with us and Bro Hall this week, but I am still waiting for it to be sent to me!! We had dinner and a lesson last night at their house with Brother Hall and the Stahelis in our ward, and the Spirit was so powerful. It's all because they are seeking it out in their lives. They want it more than anything, and Heavenly Father has blessed them so much because of their pure desires.
We also had a miracle on chat this week! I have had many powerful experiences on chat where we have seen miracles happen, but nothing like this before. We were online, and a young man named Dylan came on- he was from England. He told us that he has been researching the church on his own for a little bit now from and that he agrees with the things that he has read so far. He had found the Book of Mormon online- all the way through 1st Nephi in 2 days (sounds like Matt) and wants to join the church "if that's ok". We invited him to be baptized, set a baptismal date for him, and then invited him to go to church and sent his information to the local missionaries in Leeds, all within about 30 minutes! We are so excited to keep in contact with him and see him progress and have a BAPTISM in England all the way from Nebraska!
SO....Thursday started an eventful weekend for us. We knew that we were going to get a huge storm, and sure enough, it hit about noon. We were at the TC, and we got the word that we were going to close at 6, and then the storm got worse, so we closed at 5. I was driving down the hill (all of Nebraska is a hill) to the apartments by the Trail Center, but couldn't get the car turned to get into the parking lot, so we had to drive to the bottom of the hill and turn up the next street. Now, keep in mind that the Malibu DEFINITELY isn't 4WD, and we were pretty sure at this point that our tire has a slow leak in it because we had filled it up like 2 days before and it was already low again. Plus, I grew up in Arizona. In case you forgot that. So, back to the story. Driving. Uphill. Steep hill. In the snow. We DEFINITELY didn't make it up the hill hahahahah. We ended up leaving our car, with, at this point, it's very flat right front tire, in the grocery store parking lot and walking back up to the apartment to stay! That night and the next morning, our cars were grounded and we weren't allowed to out except for to shovel, so we had some awesome time to study. Cherised time, for sure.
Yesterday, I learned from Matt and Brother Hall that you can throw noodles at a cabinent and it would stick if they were done. I told them that it was so cool that it would make my email home, so there you are.
We have our first day at the Kanesville Tabernacle this Thursday!!!! I am so excited to get over there and to learn more about the Tabernacle and the Mormon Battalion. It will be such an awesome opportunity for us. At this point, we are only there once every 2 weeks, but soon we will be there about once a week and still at the TC about 3 times a week! At least, unless I am called to go full proselyting soon! Who knows, that's the best part about the mission! It's all in the Lord's hands, and we just get to do His work.
I love you all!
Love, Sister Farnsworth

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  1. Denise. How did you never teach her about throwing noodles? Though I'll confess that I was hoping she was giving a tip for shoveling snow. :) love her.