Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday!

Well, I'm still getting used to emailing every Monday! It seems really strange, like every Pday comes really fast, even though some weeks are longer between Pdays. I don't know what it is, but every week I'm a missionary, especially this week, I fall more in love with being a missionary. It has changed everything about me. EVERYTHING. Not that all of the sudden different, I guess, but I hope I'm becoming better. I love every week when I get the emails that mom sends me from Sage and Alayna and even Steven and Jake- these people I've known forever- and to see how they have changed and grown because they have allowed themselves to be changed by the Atonement and to become consecrated and dedicated servants of the Lord. I don't even understand how I am so lucky- so blessed- but I am grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to allow me to be here in Nebraska and at the Trail Center.
This week has been another wonderful one. We actually had time to tract this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS. As weird as it sounds, because of the Trail Center, some weeks we may only get about 10 hours in our area, and most of those hours will be taken up by appointments with investigators or less active members, so we have hardly any time to try to find new investigators. This week, we had time, and it was AWESOME. Also, it was even sunny one of the days. Nebraska is really funny and fakes you out, and even when it is sunny it can be like 19 degrees, but it makes me feel better when it's sunny! I thought I would share some of my favorite things that happen to us while we are tracting...
Situation #1: SUPER cold night/day. Maybe a high of 10 degrees. Max. Knock on a door. People come up to the window (everyone has a window next to their door here) and yell "It's too cold!!!" through the window and walk away.....We laugh really hard because....yeah....we know it's cold!
Situation #2: Dark winter nights- maybe 630 at night. People open the door. "Why are you knocking right now?! Do you KNOW how late it is!? It's.... (looks at watch) six thirty....and we're.....talking about right now isn't a good time, but you could come back later!" Man, I can't wait until the days start getting longer! :)
Some of my other fun facts about tracting are that you might get confused and think that you accidentally tracted outside Nebraska if you didn't hear a dog bark when you knock, or you don't see a big "N" on the door.
Well, hope you enjoyed my tracting fun facts for the week, I'm sure they will be more! We had an incredible regional conference this weekend that was broadcast from Salt Lake- Elder Oaks, Elders Echo Hawk and Christensen, and Sister Reeves spoke at it! We all learned so much, and it was so incredible how so much of it was directed specifically to the needs of our investigators. I love how Heavenly Father can take something that is directed to a huge audience and have it apply to specific people!
The Saturday night session of stake conference was also particularly good, and it was a blessing that we were able to attend. Normally, we wouldn't attend that session, but we were asked to sing with some other members of our ward, so we got to go. It just so happens that Brother Hall got asked to speak- to bear his testimony- that night, and we got to be there for that. He got up and told his story of how he joined the church and then bore powerful testimony about the gospel, about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and President Monson. It was so incredible for me to hear how much he has grown in the past two months....TWO MONTHS since he has been baptized, and then the next day, to see him stand in Stake Conference to be sustained so he could receive the priesthood. He is such an inspiration because he has continued to become more and more converted daily- he has a desire to continue to seek out what Heavenly Father wants for him to do and to always be more converted!

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