Monday, March 11, 2013


So, another eventful week in NOM (Nebraska Omaha Mission) has gone by. It was so much fun to have Kami and the kids come in to the Trail Center on Saturday and to take them on a little tour. I'm pretty sure that she recorded me, and then I got awkward because I realized she was No judgment, ok? Today, I bought Starburst Jelly beans. SO HAPPY IT'S SPRING TIME!
For some reason the past transfer has just felt like a lot of weird weeks and strange things, and this past week has been no exception, nor will this upcoming week be! Last week, we had exchanges, which was SO much fun! I went to West Maple with Sister Seguin who is one of the missionaries who got here this past transfer. We had a blast teaching and tracting and saw so many miracles! I love exchanges, because it seems like you always see so many miracles on exchanges. For instance, I have never received 4 referrals in one day, but when we were planning our numbers for the day we both felt prompted to try to receive that many, and in ONE appointment, we received that. It is so amazing what the Lord will do when we are spiritually ready. The most HILARIOUS part of the day though was when we were tracting and the door was starting to shut and I had said "have a good day!" It was around 3 in the afternoon. So Sister Seguin says, at the same time, "Have a good night....or day......also....." We were laughing so hard all the way off the porch. It was approximately the most awkward situation of all time, which is funny because the door was practically closed already by the time that she had said it, so it shouldn't have even been awkward at all! She is amazing, and I am SO glad we will get to serve around each other for a long time!
Matt and Elyssa have decided to get married on the 23rd so they can be baptized on April 6th. They are so incredible, and I cannot even believe how much they have changed and grown. Yesterday, we woke up to a huge snow storm and so we walked up to their house yesterday and had a lesson because church was CANCELLED. I have never had that happen to me in my life. It was so crazy! It was a wonderful day, though, and I was so grateful for the things that we were able to learn in that time that we had to study!
I love being a missionary. President Weston has invited us to invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes every day. I know that is a sacrifice, and for some people, a completely foreign concept. But I can promise you that if you do that, you will be able to have clear answers to your prayers. I love you all so much. The church is true!
Sister Farnsworth

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