Monday, June 24, 2013


So, this is going to be the world's shortest email. I am so sorry. I know that this is only connection to my mission that you have, so just imagine me writing about the miracles that happened this week. IT WAS AWESOME. Also the broadcast last night?!?! SO cool. It was so amazing to feel the Spirit as that many missionaries, ward, and stake leaders gathered together to further the Lord's work. Like was said last night- there is no better time to be a part of His work and His army.
I took the assistant's investigator on tour the other you remember Tom? I took him on tour a long time ago. We set him for baptism, and they told me I could come when he gets baptized, hopefully in a few weeks!
Sister Jones is awesome- we are having so much fun together and I seriously love being in the singles ward. It is hilarious. Never a dull moment. Also, the stake primary presidency spoke in church on sunday because we don't have enough people actually in the ward to speak every week, and when one counselor was speaking, she was telling a kind of funny story, and the other members of presidency were in tears laughing so hard. Imagine mom with her friends. And then multiply it. In church. We were just like....what is going on!?!?
Iowa is stunningly beautiful right now with all of the rain we have been jealous.
I want to invite everyone to read a chapter this week...will you all study Alma 36? I can promise you that you will all be able to know something that you can change in your life that will bring you closer to Christ.
Sister Farnsworth

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