Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Great Week!!

I feel like I end up just scratching my head (not because of lice) with every single week that passes by because I have NO idea where the week went. Each week seems to go faster and faster! We have had a blast this week. Our whole week was pretty much spent either at the Trail Center or preparing William for baptism! I guess I'll start there and go backwards through the week!
There isn't much to say about the baptism because it was pretty picture perfect, which is a relief because it seems that every other baptism I've had something goes wrong haha. William was so sweet and excited and nervous! We spoke on the gift of the Holy Ghost and wrapped boxes inside of one another and as he opened each one there was a blessing that we get from having the Holy Ghost. It was so fun, and the little kids at the baptism loved it as much as William did!! Ha. The ward found him an apartment to move into that same day. I LOVE THIS WARD! They are so incredible and really know how to selflessly serve.
On Friday, we got to go to the temple! It was so wonderful, as it always was, but it really just made me so grateful to have the blessing of peace in our lives. I always feel so incredible peaceful when I am in the House of the Lord, and I always leave knowing that much more that He loves me.
We sang at a homeless shelter in downtown Omaha with about 6 other sisters. We just took one of our little keyboards and speakers and threw together a little concert, and it was so so so much fun. I am so grateful for the Spirit that Christmas music brings...even if it isn't a hymn, the Spirit still is there! So many of the people who lived there and the people that were serving dinner came and talked to us and thanked us for singing, which was a perfect opportunity to invite them up to the Trail Center for Gingerbread. It is crazy that gingerbread houses can be such a good missionary tool! It's also crazy how much we sing in this mission...between singing at all of the Christmas concerts, singing in church with the other missionaries in our ward on Sunday, and singing with our district in Zone Conference tomorrow, we are keeping nice and busy with the music!
We are teaching so much that we are going on splits pretty much every day....probably 4 or 5 days a week. It is keeping us really busy, but that is the BEST kind of busy! And Papa would probably tell me that it's good that I'm staying busy so I can stay out of trouble, right? Right. I love it, because this is the way that I like to work, and the Lord really is blessing our area.
I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me, for your letters, and Christmas cards!

Love you!
Sister Farnsworth

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