Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Busy Week!

Well, transfer week came and went and Sister Jensen and I stayed together in Old Mill. Actually, pretty much the whole mission stayed together. I love that, because it gives us more of a chance to gain the trust of our companions and the members in the areas where we are serving. Hopefully I will stay in Old Mill for the next 5 months (haha...just kidding Mom. Don't have a heart attack). We have the best kind of problem to have as missionaries right now...we have too many people to teach in our area, which is AWESOME. It gives us a really good opportunity to use the members and to prioritize, but it is a little crazy trying to get everything done that we feel like we need to get done in a week. Guess that's why we need to rely on the Lord to tell us what we have to get done, not just rely on our own instincts, right?

Holy cow. Saturday was REPLETE with appointments. We were scheduled to have our weekly morning meeting, our ward coordination meeting (which typically lasts 2 hours) and then had 8 appointments scheduled. So we had appointments at 1, 2, 3, 4, 530, 630, 7, and 730. Um....yeah. Crazy day. The other set of sisters that we had serving in Old Mill got transferred over to open the Kanesville area (in Council Bluffs, one of the areas I covered in the singles ward) so we got to split the investigators and less actives that they were working with between us and the elders. So 7 of those appointments were ours, and then the 7 o clock was one of their appointments that we took on. I had absolutely no idea how we were going to get it all done, so I kept praying that we would be effective in all of our lessons with time and that we would be able to do the things that we actually NEEDED to do. It ended up that 2 people canceled and we added one appointment, and we were able to see 7 people people...not the same people that had been scheduled in every case, but close. And all of our appointments ran almost exactly how long we needed them to run in order to travel to the next appointment. I don't know if I'm explaining this well enough for you all to realize what an incredible MIRACLE this is....but it is. I always get nervous when we have back to backs because you get late on one and then you're running behind all day long. But Heavenly Father seriously blessed us. And we saw huge miracles in every single appointment. I love Old Mill and I love being companions with Sister Jensen. I swear I have never seen so many miracles my whole mission....ok I probably have, but it just feels like we are seeing so many miracles!
Nothing too exciting happening over here.....the Trail Center has officially hit JANUARY because we have been as slow as you could possibly imagine. It's given us lots and lots of time to study and read and role play and.....anything else you can imagine. Our area book has never been in such great shape haha. The REALLY good news was that after our horrifying cold at the beginning of last week, it warmed up for the rest of the week. It even got to 50 degrees! That is no jacket weather (who thought I would ever say that?)! I think we will nosedive back into the 20s soon though.
Today I was listening to the song "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" and one of the lines really stood out to me. It said "chasten my soul till I shall be in perfect harmony with Thee." Sometimes we have to be chastened and taught and rebuked over and over and over again so we can line up our will with the Lord's will. Sometimes that will hurt. A LOT. Because we have to rip things out of our lives to make ourselves be in harmony with Him.
I love being a missionary. I love getting the opportunity each day to try to be more in line with Him and His will for me and those of His children that I get to serve with and around.

I love you all so much!!

Sister Farnsworth

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