Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello! Hope everyone had a good week! I still think that time is completely warped on the mission because I never understand how a week passes by so fast. We had a lot happen, so I'll just get right into it....

First of all, I wanted to start by telling you about something that means a LOT to me. I have had so many evidences of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me over the course of my mission. I think that honestly, after Saturday, Heavenly Father has answered literally every prayer of my heart. I have been so blessed. I guess I should back up and say what actually happened. We have a meeting at 7:45 every Saturday morning with all of the Trail Center missionaries. President Weston comes and gives the training the second Saturday of every transfer. I was really excited to learn and received a lot of great answers to my questions, but the cherry on top of my day...week......mission? happened when Elder Cleverly stood up to end the meeting and said that he had an announcement that he had been asked to make by President and Sister Weston. Sister Bates, my old companion, has recently been re-assigned to serve in the California Fresno mission. She gets to be a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all she wanted but she was way too sick to serve when she was here, and going home was heartbreaking for her. I am so grateful for the healing power of the Atonement. I know that it wouldn't be possible for her without the help of her Savior and the guidance of the Spirit. AH. So happy. I bawled my way through the closing hymn. Which was awkward because I was leading the music. Haha, ok so maybe I wasn't really bawling, just crying a steady stream of tears. Whatever the case, I probably looked really weird because I'm pretty sure "Hark, all ye nations" isn't the most emotional song.... 

The work continues to keep us super busy, which we love. It's Sister Jensen's birthday this week which will be FUN (you all know how much I love a good birthday) and we should have a great week. We served all day at the Trail Center on Monday and we don't serve again until Saturday night, so we are going to forget how to take tours...haha. Ok, maybe not, but it will be really strange. 

I wanted to tell you about this HUGE miracle that happened over the course of the past few weeks. A while before Tom's baptism- actually, the it was the lesson that really helped him to decide that he was ready to get baptized that we team taught with the elders- we were talking about how he really wanted a different shift at work and he was up for the position because he had the 2nd most seniority. We promised him that day that if he would live the Word of Wisdom, he would get that shift at work. Now, I know that as a missionary I am allowed to promise blessings to those I have stewardship over and I have faith that God will hold up those promises. But I was a little nervous with that promise- it was kind of a big deal. At our ward coordination meeting on Saturday, the elders told us that Tom got the shift and the raise!!!!!! AH. I love that. God does answer prayers. He sees the sacrifices we make in our lives, and is bound to bless us when we do what He has asked. I love knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of every part of our lives. He was aware of Tom's desire to change, and aware that it was hard for him to change. He was aware that this would make a huge difference in his life. And He was aware that the tiny amount of faith that I have allowed me to listen to His Spirit and He wanted to bless me for that tiny faith. I LOVE HIM. It has been one of the most powerful examples to me of my whole mission about God's love. 

I got to take a tour for Elder Tatafu and his companion yesterday. Their team up was their ward mission leader Brother Wilson who is my friend Kenneth's brother. Small world. The tour was NUTS. This man was so funny, but completely all over the place. I was really lucky to be able to even share any stories or history or bear my testimony before he would start talking again. And he was talking about the most RANDOM crazy things haha. We were cracking up the whole time because it was just so random. Then, we got around to the handcart and I told the story of Francis Webster (who is the best) and about halfway through after I had said the name "Francis" about 3 times, Tatafu and I both started cracking up laughing because that is his first name. Hahaha. Love that kid so much. He is really excited to meet you guys, and said he would make sure they had a car so that kid on crutches could still go out with him (Curty....you are going to have a BLAST. Wait. Do you even read my emails, bud??? Haha).
I love you all so much. I have been so blessed to have you all in my life. I know that Heavenly Father has given you all to me because He loves me!! So thanks for being you. thanks for helping me so much, and thanks for always being there!!
Love you!
Sister Farnsworth

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