Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Holy cow. I think it just hit me today that I am coming home. Don't get me wrong, I am still a long way away and I am far from being READY to come home, but it just got really real haha. We had interviews with President this morning and it was a really neat experience. I just love him so much and have learned so much from him! I am so grateful to have been able to serve in this mission. Man. So lucky.
We had a great week! We were in our area a TON so we saw so so so many miracles. Sister Jensen's birthday was on Wednesday so Heavenly Father gave us a full day in the area and a miracle new investigator for her birthday presents. And it only snowed or got cold for a little bit. Of course, cold is relative to you desert people haha. I am going to be in for a shock. More like, YOU'LL be in for a shock when you get here. It was 0 degrees (Degree??) when we got here today. Ha. The funny thing is that I am so used to it now! I also took Sister Jensen to a buffet for lunch because that is her favorite place to eat.......we didn't really eat at buffets growing up in our home. Actually I'm pretty sure that my first time was on my mission. So it made me laugh but she LOVED it. We found our sweet new investigator when we buzzed the wrong apartment in a locked apartment complex and she let us in. She said that she had been looking for a church and she invited us to come back. Such a miracle.
Thursday we had district meeting and then were in our area for the rest of the night. Our meal appointment had to cancel so she called in pizza and bread sticks for us to pick up....which leaves us with the awkward problem of finding a place to eat said pizza. We ended up going to eat at Sister Reents house. So funny. Friday we weekly planned and then had the rest of the day in the area. We did have to go to a doctor appointment for Sister Jensen that Elder and Sister Cleverly took us to so we could save miles (oh man, everyone go drive your nearest missionaries around for awhile so they can save miles!!!) and then they took us to get ice cream at Culvers. Haha. Took me back to the beginning of my mission when Sister Coats and I used to get Culvers alllll the time.
Saturday we had ward coordination and then Trail Center all day Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I took Elder Tatafu's investigator Fred on tour again. Tatafu asked him to pray at the end of the lesson (we were down in one of the theaters) and so we knelt down and prayed and he said the longest most entertaining prayers I have EVER heard. I looked up during the prayer (I know, irreverent) and all of us were dying laughing. I LOVE being a missionary haha.
Well, I somehow spent all of my time already. Don't know how that happened, but know that I love you all! You have been the best support a sister missionary could ask for!
LOVE, Sister Farnsworth

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