Monday, April 15, 2013


This week has been great- another busy Trail Center week! This week as I was taking tours I regained a testimony that I was called to exactly where Heavenly Father needed me to be. I love the Trail Center and I know that each group or person that I take on tour was meant to come in at the exact time that I was "sitting up." (in position to take the tour) I have been trying to learn new pioneer stories and learn about the artifacts and different sections of the gallery more so that I can take better tours because I know that when we are more prepared, Heavenly Father can use us more fully, and I really just want to be an instrument in His hands. I have been so grateful to see that as I have done that, He has really allowed me to use those things that I have prayerfully studied and tried to learn about! I LOVE it when that happens!
Matt and Elyssa were confirmed and receieved the gift of the Holy Ghost in Sacrament meeting yesterday! It was so incredible to watch them just BEAMING after they stood up- realizing that they had received this sacred gift from their Heavenly Father and that a member of the Godhead could be with them all of the time. Their blessings both really talked about working together and use the priesthood to raise a righteous family- I am so excited for them! It is so amazing to see the difference in just one short week after they have been baptized and confirmed members of the church- they are soooo different, which is weird because they were incredible before!
I love the power of the priesthood. It can change us, if we let it! I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration of the gospel. I know that God lives, and that He loves us as His children!
I'm off to Lincoln for preparation day...Have a great week!!!
Sister Farnsworth

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