Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello! Congratulations to Jen and Jed for being the first to take my "challenge" to write me...you rock. I was so sorry to hear that Jack has been so sick and am praying for him! I will make sure that his name goes on the prayer roll at the temple here today when the departing missionaries go. I am so blessed to have the best family in the world. Everyone is jealous because they know that my grandparents write me every week, and then they see the letters that I get from my aunts and uncles and cousins. I am so blessed!!!!
This has been a really great week! We found some new investigators, Monica and Katie, and saw some really cool miracles. I think the biggest miracle for me, though, is the miracle of being close enough to the Spirit to know which house to knock at or what question to ask someone. We had so many experiences like that this week, because when we go tracting we don't knock on every door- just the ones we feel like we should. Sometimes I will try to "ignore" a feeling to knock on a house- like on Saturday- and it was like something hit me in the FACE until I crossed the street to knock on that house. Earlier that same day we were talking to a guy and we were talking about Christ and out of no where I asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon before and it started a really neat conversation about the Book of Mormon because he had actually studied the Book of Mormon before. I am so grateful that, as missionaries, we are able to learn how to be close enough to the Spirit to listen to the promptings to know where to be and what to say, so we can find those people that Heavenly Father has prepared. Really, it's just preparing us to be in tune with the Spirit for the rest of our lives so that we can continue to find those people that Heavenly Father has prepared for us to help bring unto Christ.
This week I took some people on tour who had just returned from their mission in Tonga. They are from Elkridge, Utah (I think that is what is called?) which is by Payson and Salem. I'm pretty sure I was with them for about 1 1/2 hours. Minimum. We laughed and cried and the Spirit was so incredibly strong. More than anything though, we were able to know that Heavenly Father loves His children and wants for us to return to live with Him so He gives us people and tools to get there. We went out to the cemetery and found their ancestors who are buried there. I can't wait until you can all stand there with me. It is THE most sacred place.
Speaking of which...I've been doing a LOT of learning this week, both about the pioneers in general and about my family members as much as I can. I started with James Brinkerhoff since he is buried in plot #1 and I don't know much about him other than he was a baby when he died here. So I studied about his parents and his siblings because we have a TON of information in the pioneer library here. I learned what ward they were in when they were here at WQ. I measured out how big a lot would have been to see how much land they would have had. As I learn more and more about the pioneers, and especially about my incredible ancestors who were so faithful, I know that I am able to blend my testimony with theirs as I take tours. I love being a Trail Center sister.
One of the favorite parts of my week is when I get Mom's letter that she sends every week where she prints out the missionary letters and sends them to me from Syster Blomquist, Elder Aiono, and then usually a surprise missionary- this week Elder Urry. It is so amazing to me to hear about the Lord's work going forth in different missions around the world, each by VERY different missionaries. I have such a unique mission- serving in a visitor center, learning about the pioneers, being so close to home- that it is so fun for me to hear about the ways in which those missionaries that are so dear to me get to serve the Lord and those people in the countries that they are serving! This is God's work. We're just His army on the earth. Brent leaves in June right? Get me his info and I will try to be good about writing him....I want to be part of this awesome family who is good at writing their missionaries!
I'm so excited to see where this next week takes me...transfers will actually apply to me for the first time in my mission?! SOOO crazy. I love you all and will let you know next week the update on my new area and new companion! Love you all!
Sister Farnsworth

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  1. I just found your blog online. This is amazing. I was searching for information about the Nebraska Omaha Mission. My daughter was just called there and goes to the MTC Aug. 21. She is so excited to serve at the Mormon Trail Site. Most exciting as I read your recent letter, is I am a descendent of James Brinkerhoff as well. I was hoping my daughter would be able to find out some info about him, his family and the baby buried there. HOW EXCITING!! Can we connect somehow?
    Heather Brinkerhoff Cragun