Monday, April 22, 2013

This Week....

So, for now the rule is we can only email each friend once a month, so all of you friends that I have already emailed this month, you will have to wait until May for a reply! It might just get too complicated for me to keep track you should write me LETTERS. I like letters. All missionaries like letters. And there are 65,500 missionaries in the field! So pick up a pen and paper and write your favorite missionary a letter. In fact, since I'm a missionary, I'll put it in a commitment...WILL YOU write me (or another missionary of your choice) a letter? I'm assuming you'll say yes. I can promise you that if you do, that missionary will absolutely love you and that the things that you say in that letter, regardless of the importance, will be exactly what they need to hear that day. I know that the letter that I get from my papa and grandma every week is like gold. GOLD I tell you. Every single sister at the trail center knows who that letter is from and is jealous that I get a letter every week. Ok. Thanks. The whole emailing friends once a month thing is complicated and I might just get way too confused!
Matt and Elyssa asked me to say HELLO to the family- we were over there this morning and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with Elyssa to look at vaccuums with her because hers died and she needs a new one. Yesterday they both received callings- Matt is the priest's quorum advisor (he will be AWESOME) and Elyssa is going to be a visiting teaching supervisor which will be so good so she can get to know people! Matt will be getting the Aaronic priesthood next Sunday and then they will both have temple recommends and will go do baptisms for the dead! They are so excited to go to the temple, and have been looking online to buy a picture of the temple for their home! It has been so amazing to see all of these incredible blessings come into their lives since they have joined the church- even blessings from paying tithing!
Last week for preparation day we went to Lincoln with the Openshaws and the Monsens and the Cleverlys (senior couples) and a bunch of other sisters to see the state capitol which was a BLAST. We had so much fun going out there, and I just about hypervenilated when we passed the football stadium. Fall. 2015. Please buy some tickets for me as soon as they go on sale ok?!?!? There is no way in this world that I would miss BYU playing Nebraska. That is all I will say about that. Haha I just reread that paragraph and it made me sound like a SUPER unconsecrated missionary. I promise that I never think about football! It was awesome down there, and I really loved the feel of Lincoln! I hope that I get to serve down there someday!
This past week, I added something to my list of "things I never thought I'd do on my mission." Pretty much every week we see a less-active woman named Sister Jones who I love with my WHOLE HEART. She is in her 60s and she hasn't been active since she was a teenager until about 6 months ago, and now she comes to church almost every week. So anyways...a couple of weeks ago when we had our lesson with her we asked if she was doing anything exciting that next week, and she said that the only thing was that she had bought a dog grooming kit and that she was going to try to groom her own dog by herself and she asked if either of us had ever groomed a dog. Obviously, you all know me. I've never groomed a dog. EVER. But, Sister Owen said that she had. Later, she told me that she "kind of had, a long time ago." I cracked up laughing when she told me that. So we went to Sister Jones house this past week for our lesson, but first, we groomed her dog Bear! I have never laughed so hard in my life. There was fluffy dog hair EVERYWHERE. Seriously, everywhere.
I don't think I told you about whats happening in July so I'm going to tell you now. I really hope that I am serving at the Trail Center in July when this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Cardall is coming to the Trail Center...actually I think it will be held at Kanesville, and is going to be playing music that he is going to write based on the 5 pioneer stories that the Trail Center sisters choose as our favorites! SERIOUSLY!? I was freaking out when Sister Latey was announcing it. Sister Jasper was cracking up laughing at my face. There is a play called Come Home to Kanesville every July and actors from the play will read the stories and then there will be pictures or videos put up on a screen while he plays the music.
I serve in the best mission in the world. It's just that simple.
I love you all to the moon and back. Thank you for your prayers!!! The church is true. Our Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of us!
Sister Farnsworth

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