Monday, July 8, 2013

This week....

Well, sounds like Dad and Curt's trip was a lot of fun! It's really interesting to me because my mission is so close to home, and I will probably be back here within a few months of going home, but I can still imagine how amazing it will be to come back and see people flourishing like Dad was able to! I bet it was really cool for Curt to be able to see those places too as he prepares for his mission! It was also so fun to hear that Katie went through the temple! Like you both said, I can't believe it has been over a year since it was "my turn" and now my little sister gets to love the temple as much as I do! Probably less than a year until it's Curt's turn. Crazy! Dad said time feels like it's flying! That's because we are all having so much fun ;)
This week has been SO CRAZY. We have had a lot of really cool experiences, but also some just plain wierd ones. For instance, yesterday, we went down to the Air Force base with our Relief Society president Kynzie who just happens to be in the Air Force. We were going to try and find some people that we knew lived on base but we had never met before. When we got there, we took off our name tags because our Bishopric (all military) told us to. I FREAKED OUT. Not out loud, but inside I was freaking out because I felt so so so awkward without it on. You wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference but it sure did. We couldn't figure out which building any of the people lived in because they were marked differently on the roster than on the building. So we were walking down hallways, searching for their names since they are all marked on the outside of the room who lives there. That doesn't sound creepy or anything...haha. These people stopped and asked us if they could help us, and they just happened to know that one of the girls we were looking for was upstairs visiting someone! Coincidence?! I don't think so. That was way cool. Right as that happened, we noticed that someone else we were looking for lived in that exact same hallway. MIRACLES, people. There are about 5 dorm halls with about 200 people living in each hall. MIRACLES. So we talk to the girl, and then went down to talk to the other guy, and as we are talking to him, he passes out. And we have to catch him. I hope he's ok...we will have Kynzie track him down again today and make sure. So if that isn't bizarre enough, add to it the fact that we serve in a singles ward, and are looking for people between 18 and 30 years of age. It leads to us getting hit on. A LOT. Seriously, I have never been flirted with so much as in the past 3 weeks of my mission. That sounds like I'm being really arrogant or something, but I'm serious. It's weird. And super funny because I am super awkward in the first place, and then you add on to it that I'm trying to teach these people the gospel, and they just aren't having it. Oh man....we laugh a lot.
We had interviews with President Weston this week, which was awesome! I love getting to learn from him, especially when it is just one on one like that and he can tell me things specifically for my area. I am so grateful for the priesthood in my life, and especially in my mission. It has blessed me so much, and as I've been able to teach people about the priesthood, and the difference that authority can make in their lives, I have realized again and again how essential it is for us to have.
It was a fun week of seeing people. Was it just last week that the NZ boys came?!?! Feels like forever ago. It was so fun to have them there and take them on tour. Then, I had some people from past wards I've served in come into the TC. And on Saturday, just before I was about to leave the Trail Center to go into my area, I saw someone I thought looked mighty familiar. Oh wait....that's because it was my COUSIN. It was so much fun to see Lexi, and I'm so glad that she got to see the Trail Center and go to the WQ temple. It is a beautiful temple. I always joke with one of the counselors in the temple presidency that I'm coming back here to get married one day. Just kidding.
Have a PERFECT week with the wedding. Know that I love you and that I will be thinking of you on Thursday! I love you all so much and am so grateful to have such a wonderful family supporting me. You will never know how much it means to me!
Love you!
Sister Farnsworth

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  1. Your emails are so inspiring Allison. I can tell you just absolutely love your mission! And the only person I know who runs into people they know more than you is your mom!! What a great blessing. Love you. Cindi