Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, as you've heard, Sister Jones and I stayed together in Loess Hills! We were both really excited that we are staying together for another transfer, and hopefully, by the end of the transfer, we will get more people in our ward with people coming back to school! This week has been a CRAZY one with transfers, a concert in the park on pioneer day, and a concert last night in Council Bluffs. We had really great turn outs for both concerts, and it seems like everyone really enjoyed both of them! The miracle of it all is that even though the concert last night was two days after transfers, I only lost one of the missionaries that had been singing in them. Unfortunately, he had kind of a big part in them, but it worked out great!
On Wednesday, I didn't actually go to the concert in the park because someone had to serve at the TC! So Sister Kirby, Sister Whittaker, Sister Holt, Sister Harrison and I served while everyone else was down performing. It was a lot of fun to be all together, even though it made me nervous to just let them all figure it out haha! From everything I've heard and the videos I've seen, they all did a great job. Made me SO proud.
About a week ago, we got a call from a member in the Skyline ward (west omaha by Lakeview) and she told us that one of her employees wanted to meet with us. When we tried his house, a guy opened the door and said that he wasn't Josh, and that he was moving that week. Well, she called us back a few days later, and said that WAS Josh, and that he just got scared. HAHAHAHA. He's this huge guy, and there is no WAY he could have been scared of two 21 year old girls, but he was. So, we went back (he was really sheephish and embarassed), and got to know him. He's had a really rough life, but he is so ready to turn everything around and knows that he is missing something, so he talked to his boss who he knew was Mormon about what to do. He is set for baptism at the end of the month, but we will be turning him over to family ward missionaries because he has kids. It was a really funny experience, but more than that, it was really cool to see how members want to do missionary work and how they can really make a huge difference in people's lives simply by being good examples.
Thursday night, we served at the clinic with Dr. Fischer and then he had us over to his house for dinner to celebrate "the August birthdays" which really just meant Sister Whittakers bday (and mine). It was so much fun, and I LOVE that we have family here in the people we meet. Speaking of family...the sisters who have been serving full proselyting but were called to the Trail Center all got transferred back in (Sisters Anderson, Brown, Gaede, and Jarman) and it has been like being home with all of them back. I never thought I would be this close with the people I serve with, but it is such a huge blessing.
Last thing...when the new sisters and elders come, they get a tour of the trail center. Sister Whittaker and I were asked to take it, so we went to greet them at the door when they got there. A new sister named Sister Peterson (she's serving in Lakeview now!)walked through the door and as soon as I introduced myself, she got really excited and said "I READ YOUR BLOG!" ahhahahah. Glad to know that my blog is followed by people who are blessed enough to come and serve in NOM.
I love this place. I love being a missionary. I love the people in Iowa and Nebraska SO MUCH.
I hope you know that I love you all too.
Sister Farnsworth

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