Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Week and Some Pics!

This week has been so good! I feel like every week is a BLUR though. Is it seriously Monday again?
We had another concert last night, so a lot of work went into preparing for that! It was the Omaha stake's concert, so I think there was pressure because it was the concert that is right here in our "home turf" if you will. At first, we were even more nervous because there weren't very many people there at about 5 minutes before the start of the concert, but it was completely full. People are just late apparently. Something I will NEVER understand. Anyways. We were really lucky because President allowed the elders that are serving far away to come in and sing for this concert, so Elders Tatafu, Pese, and Wadsworth all got to come in for last night. Reunion much!?!? Because this was our 4th concert, I think it has started to feel comfortable to the missionaries that are participating in them so everyone is doing SO well. We only have one more- Sept 15- and then they will be all done. So sad. I guess it will only be done until we start having Christmas concerts though, so it's not that sad!
Have I told you lately that I HATE Satan? Our amazing investigator Chris has really been hit hard this week, as always happens before someone gets baptized. He was supposed to have his baptism interview this past Saturday so he could get baptized this week, but the night before his interview, he called and said "I'm not ready. I can't do this right now." Of course, inside, I was freaking out, but I asked him to come up to the Trail Center and talk to us. We had a really powerful lesson and then watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie in sign language, but he still said that he wanted to feel more comfortable at church so he wanted to wait until September 21st instead of August 31st. It is such a hard balance to not push them, but to help them see that they are ready to be baptized!!!! AH. It kills me. It's ok though. We will just continue praying for him and helping him see his potential, and hopefully he will get baptized even sooner than that because I don't want Satan to have more time to distract him!
We are having a tri-stake FHE tonight with all of the singles wards in the Omaha and CB area, and we are so excited to bring our investigators out to meet people, especially since our ward is so small!
I love you all so much. Thank you for the birthday cards and letters that I have already received- I have the best family and friends ever.
Sister Farnsworth
                                                           Pic from the 4th of July
                                                           Sis. Farns and Sis. Brown
                                                                   Concert in Lincoln
                                                              on the way to Lincoln
                                           Aug birthdays dinner with Dr. Fischer and Marsha
                                               more travelling pics  (Sis Owen in the center)
                                                              Sis Whitt and Sis Farns
                                                    Sis. Jones at a thrifty store in Old Market
                                                Sister Cleverly and Allison celebrating bdays!

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