Monday, May 27, 2013


So this will probably be kind of a short email because I have been sending a billion pictures and I could still send way more, but I will do that next week so I can actually write you something this week. In our area, we have been seeing miracles and are finding new investigators. I LOVE FINDING NEW INVESTIGATORS.
The baseball game was so much fun! We sang, and then as we were leaving, the president of the Pacific Coast league stopped Sister Hamilton and I and told us that he goes to games all over the country (since he is the head guy) and has heard just about every possible rendition of the National Anthem, but that was the best he has EVER heard. He had tear running down his face. No lie.

So then, someone in the Millard ward asked the elders and sisters to sing at the Omaha Beef game- indoor football. This is real folks. The Beef. Not joking. So, the same group, plus the companions of the elder and sister in the Millard ward that were already singing, went on Friday night to the football game at the Ralston arena. It was so crazy. I never thought I would feel uncomfortable at a football game, but we all did. As soon as we were done singing we booked it out of there. It was an incredible experience though- to walk out on the field and have it announced that the full time missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would be singing. And so crazy that you can feel the Spirit in that place just by singing the national anthem. Shoot, I love being a missionary.
So last night was the most eventful night of my mission....maybe not. But close. We went to bed, nothing exciting going on. Then, at about 130, I woke up to the sound of sirens. Not totally out of the norm for Florence where we live. But, as I listened for a little while, I realized that the sirens sounded like they were getting further, then coming back closer to us. Weird....Oh wait, that's a tornado alarm. I looked over at Sister Jensen and told her to get up, then called Sister Kirby and Sister Whittaker (who had slept through it) and all of the 5 companionships in our apt complex got up to the Trail Center because we have a storm shelter there. Then we got the other 2 companionships from the house down the street up there, along with the Cleverlys and another senior couple who live close. Plus 3 sets of elders. We ended up watching the Testaments because it changed from a tornado warning to a tornado watch, and then from a watch to a thunderstorm warning. We sure got the thunderstorm. It was CRAZY. I have never heard such loud thunder or seen so much lightning.
I love you so much. I have loved this week of craziness, and I have loved being able to teach with my companions! Thank you so much for everything you do! Love you!

Sister Farnsworth

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