Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Here is the 8 minute run down of my life because we didn't have time to email...you might get a short email from me tomorrow too because today has been so crazy. I am serving in the Loess Hills area which is in the Council Bluffs stake...it covers the WHOLE stake because it is a singles ward. Meaning I need a GPS shipped ASAP. please?!?!?. PLEASE. That was like the first thing my bishop said to me when he talked to me on the phone. The stake covers Iowa and parts of Omaha, and Bellevue, Nebraska, including the Air Force base. The WAY exciting part is....wait for it.....we have a BAPTISM on Saturday! Right after the Florence Days parade! Can't wait. Her name is Hung Drake and her boyfriend, Kevin is a member. She is from Vietnam, we have only met her once, and we will have a lesson with her tomorrow to get to know her more and teach her. She is so sweet, and had her interview yesterday so everything is good to go.
My companion's name is Sister Bates- most recently from Hawaii, but her dad is retired air force so she's lived all over. She is 19....5 days older than Katie!! I will fill you in WAY more tomorrow or next week if I can't email tomorrow. I love her SO MUCH!
We took over for the Elders in Loess Hills........including their apartment. and their phone. And anything else. It's been the craziest past 72 hours of my mission life. To say the least. I am so incredibly happy to be here in Loess Hills. I miss Lakeview but haven't had the time to look back because I am lovin it so much.
I will between 5 and 8 pm our time here (3 and 6 your time) there. We will get it more settled. Love you to pieces.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love Loess Hills already!!!!
Sister Farnsworth

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