Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transfers Part 2

I honestly can't even tell you what I said in my email yesterday. 8 minutes of emailing gets a little bit crazy. Soooo....sorry! Like I said, baptism Saturday, we set another girl, Chelsea, for baptism last night that the Elders had been teaching for a long time. She really wants to be baptized and she wants to get there, so we are going to help her get there! We set her for June 8th, but she works Sundays, so it is really difficult to get to church. She has been to church plenty of times before but consistently getting there is the difficult part! I know that she can get there though. We also found a new investigator last night, Kenyon. We were leaving our apartment last night, and we usually go out to the left, but I felt SO strongly that we had to go out to the right. As soon as we stepped out the door someone honked at us, and we turned around and it was the Zone Leaders. They are white washing the area next door to us, and they were trying to find someone's house and had randomly ended up at our apartment complex at the exact time we were leaving our apartment. As we were helping them find where they were going, this car drove by with 2 kids in it and they waved at us and then drove by again. The Zone Leaders left, and we went out tracting. I felt like we should walk up to this apartment complex not far from ours, and right as we were doing that, the SAME car that had just been in our parking lot pulled out, only this time it only had one kid in it. He waved, and left. We went into the apartment complex, and went straight to the third floor, right as the other guy in the car was leaving. We taught him a brief Restoration lesson and asked if we could come back on Thursday to teach him more. He was SO cool! It was so amazing to me how we were led right to where we needed to be! I love being a missionary!
In answer to your questions. My companion is NOT gluten intolerant. SHOCKING!?!?! Yes. I can't skype in the morning, sorry! I serve at the Trail Center from 9-1230, then church 1-4, then our Bishop and his wife were kind enough to allow us to come over a skype at their house and have dinner with them and all of their children. On mothers day! They are so sweet! Sister Bates family is in Hawaii so her family is 4 hours behind us so even if we had time to skype in the morning, we couldn't!!! So sorry!! Maybe we can 3 way or something by the time Katie is back in Utah?!?! I don't know.

Love you to pieces.

Sister Farnsworth

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